GOG has updated its refund policy and is now allowing refunds upto 30 days. The most interesting aspect of this development is the fact that they don’t have a hour limit in place. Usually, Steam allows refunds upto 14 days but there’s a 2 hour playtime limit.

GOG has made the changes but there is a catch to keep things in check. GOG mentions that they reserve the right to decline refunds in cases where they deem fit and think that it is being misused. While this is a pretty consumer friendly move and in contrast to the moves of companies such as Nintendo which do not allow refund for pre-orders, it remains to be seen whether it is exploited or not. We hope it isn’t, because it will set a bad precedence for a company which is trying to do so much for the consumers.

Source link https://www.spieltimes.com/news/gog-now-allows-refund-upto-30-days-no-hour-limit-in-place/

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