“Getting feedback from enthusiastic gamers was one of the best things to happen to Bombing Quest during the early stages of the development. The game grew, evolving in form and function. However, as a small indie team of two, we’ve got a limited pool of testers – mostly friends and other indie devs – which isn’t really enough to settle things such as the balance and the overall feel.

We believe that the most suitable form of player progression is to have more diverse and challenging opponent mechanics. That way, everyone who plays the game would hopefully develop different opinions for the best equipment depending on their style of play. Enemies and bosses that feel like a walk in the park, for one, turn out to be the other kryptonite and vice versa. To balance those things and make Bombing Quest be able to deliver the best possible experience, we need your feedback. As much of it as possible.

Don’t shy away from sharing your experiences with us :)”

“6 to 14 months”

“In the future, we are mostly going to add/improve the content and lore, fix bugs and optimize the performance.

At the very least:

– We are going to add 1-2 late game biomes.

– Wrap up the main story arc.

– Polish the game.

The best case scenario (These may or may not be implemented, depending on the interest in the game):

– 3-4 more biomes – we already have the environmental concepts, with some of the enemies developed.

– Side story arcs, explaining the lore of the world and completing NPCs’ own stories.

– Additional side quests to the existing zones.

– Additional gear and skills options.”

“All the basic systems for the game are complete with no major bugs that we know of. The main gameplay loop is stable. Bombing Quest currently takes 10-12 hours on average to complete, but if you are very strong Bomberman player you might be able to beat it in half that time.

Things to keep in mind:

– The main story arc is not complete and some of the lore segments are subject to change.

– The game uses custom collision detection, which has some problems running at a low fps – running the game on a PC that’s less powerful than the minimum system requirements. That could result in an unpleasant experience.

Current content:

– 5 large biomes and 2 smaller ones

– 34 Unique enemies (not including different skins)

– 8 bosses,

– 9 quests

– 20+ Gear upgrades”

“Yes – As new content is being added, the price is expected to go up.”

“Feedback is very important to us, so we would like to communicate as much as possible. There is an in-game feature to send us feedback directly. You can also contact us on the Steam forum, Facebook, join our Discord Server or send us an e-mail.”

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