Star Souls Released – Blue’s News Story

Star Souls is now available
on Steam,
offering an indie Windows strategy game set in space, where no one can hear you
set your clocks ahead. This features customizable spacecraft and real-time
combat with a tactical pause feature. Here’s the
Release Trailer and
here’s more:

Star Souls is a game about a galactic cataclysm. One by one,
the stars began to die without reason. Thousands of inhabited worlds turned to
dust. You should find a Transition leading to other worlds. Vanguard the fleet,
customize your spaceships and fight for salvation of all intelligent life!

The game offers you a lot of game situations, variety of experiences, each time
unique, interesting sci-fi story and exciting ending. Throughout the adventures,
you will be inspired by the beautiful views of deep space and awesome music!


  • Exploration: travel through the space, where you can handle
    emerging enemy threats and perform different missions.
  • Combat: battles occur in real time with a tactical pause while
    the player should redistribute energy between the on-board systems and watch
    the serviceability of the fleet spaceships, avoid meteorites and hazardous
    fields, hide in nebulae and make way through space debris.
  • Fleet management: customize your fleet and upgrade your
    spaceships as well as install various weapons and modules on them.
  • Story events: the game produces story events that lead to combat,
    bonuses/negatives, and many number of fantastic in-game scenarios.

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