Hyper Scape aims to reduce TTK by buffing weapons and nerfing abilities in Patch 0.5

Ubisoft’s latest FPS Battle Royale title ‘Hyper Scape’ has been on PC open beta for a while now. But finally, Ubisoft has now confirmed that Hyper Scape season 1 kicks off on August 11th, and it is coming to PS4 and Xbox One. Hyper Scape Season 1 starts August 11! Our first season introduces a […]

These two PS5 features will blow gamers away, says video game director

Two of the most hyped PS5 features so far are the new DualSense controller and 3D audio, both designed to make gamers feel more immersed. Unfortunately, we can’t get a good grasp of how effective these features are without trying them out firsthand.  Until that day arrives, we’ll need to trust Kenji Kimura, the director […]

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Meet the new Xbox Wireless Controller. Experience the modernised design of the Xbox Wireless Controller, featuring sculpted surfaces and refined geometry for enhanced comfort during gameplay. Stay on target with textured grip and a hybrid D-pad, seamlessly capture and share content, and quickly pair with, play on, and switch between supported consoles, PCs, and mobile […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator to Launch on Steam on August 18; TrackIR and VR Supported

In addition to availability on Windows 10 and Xbox Game Pass for PC (Xbox Game Pass for PC is currently in Beta), Microsoft Flight Simulator will also be coming to Steam on August 18. We are thrilled to announce that Steam pre-orders for the Standard, Deluxe, and Premium Deluxe editions of Microsoft Flight Simulator start […]

Early Prototype Wiimote, Wii Startup Disc Code Gigaleak, Unreleased Games, & Nintendo Office Floor Plan

The leaks just do not stop coming. With the sheer amount of Nintendo source code, games, and information being leaked online over the past few days, we decided to do some sleuthing to see if we could track down the original leaker(s) who set this whole Nintendo leak extravaganza in motion. What we found appears […]

Star Citizen dev responds to fans still waiting for new Squadron 42 roadmap • Eurogamer.net

Lays out four-stage roadmap to get to new roadmap. Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has responded to fans left waiting on a new development roadmap for the long-awaited single-player portion Squadron 42. Unfortunately, months after admitting the game’s previous roadmap no longer matched reality, yesterday’s post amounted to a new, vague roadmap to get to […]

Yakuza Director Praises Ghost of Tsushima, Says Japan Should’ve Made It

Screenshot: Sucker Punch/Sony Kotaku EastEast is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am. Toshihiro Nagoshi, Sega’s executive director of the Yakuza games, has many good things to say about Ghost of Tsushima. Ghost of Tsushima is […]