Nintendo officially released the update 1.4.0 of Animal Crossing: New Horizons earlier this week. This is the second part of the summer updates that the game has received, with the majority of players primarily excited for it. The new ACNH 1.4.0 update lets players visit others’ islands in a “dream state”, in which, no changes are permanent (unlike when someone gives a real visit to another person’s island).

The update had been going relatively smoothly so far, with many players visiting islands of others. Just yesterday, news appeared of Nintendo now cracking down on players who have been sharing their islands in this dream mode who have any resemblance of “hacking” or “cheating” in their local game.

Players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons who have been cheating or “hacking” have been receiving emails from Nintendo, with the info being similar to the following:

There are a good number of players who have reported that Nintendo have since removed their islands from the Dream Share state. These islands should be fine and remain playable for their creator locally, but it appears they can’t be shared with others.

From what we can find so far, it appears that a lot of this stemmed from a Youtube channel called “Verlisify” who has put out videos of himself reporting other Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands who he believes to have cheated in some way (having some form of obvious hacked content displayed). Players likely have run with this idea as the number of users who have had their islands removed from the dream share mode have increased significantly.

Verlisify animal crossing dream report video

As can be seen in the above video, it appears that Verlisify is doubling down on his stance of reporting ACNH islands. If we had to guess, this is likely just his attempt to garner any sort of “fame” from the situation that is unfolding. Verlisify reporting player’s islands for silly “hacked” items is quite petty and if anything is painting him in a very negative light.

A look through the comments on his video reveals a mixed response. Some of his own viewers don’t agree with his actions:

They say all press is good press, but the backlash from the community that he has received so far is pretty bad. As of now, ratings have been turn off for the video.

The most frustrating (and mind boggling) part of this removal is that while Nintendo has offered players the ability to report ACNH islands that are visited in dream mode, it gives players no ability to appeal this decision. This means that if players spam report an island that has no cheating or hacking involved and that island is removed from dream mode, the original creator has no way to appeal this decision to hopefully have their island rightfully reinstated.

This system likely will be updated by Nintendo soon, as this is a pretty big oversight on their part. With the backlash from many players in the community, we may see some more information on this come forward from Nintendo soon.

Check out the info that was found in the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.4.0 update datamine here.

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