Microsoft’s next-gen console, Xbox Series X and S are a meticulous target at this moment. Shortly after the pre-orders have started, multiple retailers, including Microsoft’s official pre-order page, face meltdown. This seems to be caused due to an excessive amount of pre-order queries.

There are different Xbox pre-order scenarios.

  • Microsoft‘s official website is facing a complete meltdown returning errors without being able to load.
  • Gamestop is putting the pre-orders in the queue without anything happening.
  • Amazon should be launching pre-orders shortly.
  • Walmart is basically out of stock even if it looks that the pre-order goes through.
  • Target is also facing some functionality issues, and is the next-gen Xbox consoles cannot be pre-ordered.
  • Best Buy still doesn’t have the pre-orders enabled apparently and it says that they’re coming soon.

This is a very important, yet disappointing day for Microsoft, but also for those who try to purchase Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S on this day. Times and times over we have been proven that the pre-order day doesn’t work as intended.

Last but not least, Geoff Keighley, a known producer and figure in the gaming industry, has also noted that multiple tries of his have resulted in a failure.

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