If you are one of them who join the fandom for the Star Wars series, then you will be thrilled to know that Cal Kestis’ lightsaber from the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is coming from the virtual to the real world in 2021. Disney recently announced that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order lead role artist Cal Kesti’s Lightsaber (Blade) will be joining the Galaxy Edge Lightsaber collection.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge has promptly become one of the most tantalizing attractions that are now available at both Florida and California’s Disney parks. The enticing experience allows the visitors to make way for them to see and get a real-time feel of Star Wars-themed attractions that also includes the Smuggler’s Run ride and the Oga’s Cantina bar that makes the visitors feel more attracted towards the theme park.

Star Wars collaboration with Disney theme park

Star Wars Jedi

The Disney land allows the visitors to purchase their own lightsabers with exact replicas that are said to be the “Legacy Lightsabers” and these are available to purchase from the store that is correctively spelled as Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. It is important to know that these striking collector’s items are available for a heavy price as these are the perfect recreation of the Star Wars character’s lightsaber in the metallic box/case.

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The visitors who are really keen to purchase they can get a separate light-up blade that fits accurately inside the case. The majority of iconic star wars movie heroes and the villains have their respective Sabers that are accounted for the collection. Now, Disney has decided to branch out from cinematic protagonists with the latest addition to set the new dimensions of the virtual spaces.

 Cal Kestis take on acclaimed for Lightsaber

Our hero Cal kestis acclaimed that the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will showcase his blade that is an acclaimed presence in the park’s collection. This is staged to be the first video game character for having a weapon that is purchasable in the Dok store. The decision being sustainable to exist in the minds of the fans stays for long and it is expected to be impactful. It is tested to be the success of Respawn entertainment to take the Star Wars universe that will be featured by Cal’s Lightsaber alongside the likes and dimensional weapons of Luke Skywalker.

There are many more in the queue such as Darth Vader’s and Obi-Wan Kenobi weapons. For those who are thinking about Lightsabers Cal Beat out of the Disney Parks blog contest, there are many other options such as Star Wars Rebels protagonists Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus along with Qui-Gon Jinn and Vader Immortal’s Lord Corvax and also with the Anakin Skywalker’s original blade.

Those who are some of the big names in Star Wars are making Cal’s eventual win that is more impressive. The visitors are expecting the options that are featured in the poll will also get to come to the park. Maintaining the Legacy, Lightsabers meant to be on the way.

Disney already has the next two collectibles that are lined up for the release before 2021 ends. The upcoming collectibles include Ahsoka Tano’s double lightsabers from The Clone Wars, whilst the second will be the signature curved saber from the Star Wars: Attack of the Clones antagonist Count Dooku.

Wrapping up:

When all’s said and done, Disney is still successful to perform the excellent job of delivering Lightsabers for all those who are die-hard fans of the movies along with those who are virtually engaged in the franchise’s extended universe Disney is doing good for them.

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