School of Magic will release in Q3 of 2022 and to celebrate that the Prologue did receive the major “Upgrade & Recycle” update and I also created an updated trailer and store page to better reflect the current status of the game.

You can play the “Upgrade & Recycle” update now for FREE on Steam

If you are interested what inspired me to create School of Magic and/or want to know more about the gameplay mechanics you should watch the introductory video.


  • Pacing changes
    • Improved director logic
    • Changed enemy behaviour
  • Improved visuals
    • Demon encounter redesign
    • Potion dealer redesign
    • New UI elements
    • Improved lightning
    • Improved post processing
  • Added default interactions
    • Sell cards for gold
    • Upgrade cards for gold
  • Performance Improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Changed Stun
  • Cutscene Changes
    • Changed camera on some cutscenes
    • Improved lightning and visuals
    • Changed behaviour after the cutscene

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