Microsoft is “actively working on a solution” to unresponsive Xbox controllers

Xbox Series owners continue to report that the face buttons of their controllers are unresponsive. The problem seems even more widespread four months after the controllers were released – likely due to the fact that more players are able to get their hands on the next-gen pad. One player, who goes by ‘SK Lee’, tells […]

Microsoft acknowledges unresponsiveness problem in new Xbox controllers, is working on fix

In brief: We’ve heard a lot about the PlayStation 5 DualSense drift issues recently, but it seems Sony isn’t the only company with problematic controllers. While not drifting, Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless Controller is failing to register button presses for some people, a problem that’s present on both the Xbox consoles and PC. The Redmond […]

Microsoft’s Bethesda Purchase Approved By European Commission

The European Commission has approved Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda, bringing the deal one step closer to being official. The commission approved the merger without conditions, clearing the last hurdle Microsoft needed to overcome to make the $7.5 billion purchase. The ruling was similar to other Microsoft purchases (including GitHub most recently) with the competition commission […]

STALKER 2: Support for Mods on Xbox is also being explored according to the PR manager of GSC Game World

GSC Game World’s PR manager, who is now working on the highly awaited STALKER 2, became a guest on the podcast “Not brought in”. Zakhar Bocharov provided detailed responses to several of the hosts’ questions regarding the development of STALKER 2. Since GSC and Microsoft signed a nondisclosure agreement, Bocharov was unable to respond to […]

DOOM Eternal Ancient Gods Part 2 Story Description, Screenshots, and Achievements Leaked

DOOM Eternal Ancient Gods Part 2 is a part of the season pass. Recently, the official Bethesda store has leaked information on the DLC that was taken down quickly. The link to the store was live for a few hours before it was quickly taken down. We have managed to capture the description from the […]