Xenotheria Is A New Game From Ex-Riot And Wargaming Employees

Xenotheria will also launch its testing program soon, giving you a way in early on. Today, Ganymede Games unveiled its debut game, Xenotheria, a single-player, sci-fi RPG which is being developed for PC and console. Ganymede Games is an independent studio based in Las Cruces, New Mexico which was formed back in 2019 by industry veterans […]

R-Type Final 2 now allows us to get on the spaceships and enjoy its demo

Just before the end of April, the launch of R-Type Final 2 will take place, with which we can get on these spaceships to get fully into some action-packed levels. However, it will not be necessary to wait until then to try a preview of this new installment, since from today a demo is available to download for […]

Shrink your URLs and get paid!

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“Remedy is going to make Alan Wake 2 with Epic,” according to industry insider

It is, to be clear, March 31. It is not yet April Fool’s Day. Bear that in mind as I tell you that one of the more reliable videogame industry insiders out there says that Remedy and Epic are entering into a deal to make Alan Wake 2. According to the report, this is part […]

Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer ‘Reconsidered’ – Possibly Delayed or Cancelled

Cyberpunk 2077 was supposed to get a multiplayer mode, at some point, though at most recent check-in likely not until 2022 or beyond. But now, it’s possible we may not see this mode at all — or at least, CD Projekt is being a bit cagey about how or when it might be implemented in […]