The ‘Prinny’ Games will be Released as a Game Collection For the Nintendo Switch This Fall!

Get ready to bring back some good old gamer memories as NIS America announced that they will be releasing Nippon Ichi Software’s Prinny 1•2: Exploded and Reloaded game collection this Fall for the Nintendo Switch. The company also released an announcement trailer as well.

 The game collection will have Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? and Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! games. The game collection is indeed a must-have as it will contain DLCs. The “Just Desserts Edition” of the game will be bundled with the Prinny’s Scrapbook of Memories, which contains a soundtrack, an art book, an “Asagi Wars EX Alpha Championship Edition” poster, and a building block set.

The first Prinny game was originally released for the PlayStation Portable in 2008 in Japan, which was then followed with a released in the West in 2009. Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! was released in 2010 in both Japan and Europe for the PlayStation Portable, followed by the release in the West in 2011. The mentioned games are side-scroller spinoff’s of the game developer’s other popular strategy role-playing game franchise, Disgaea.

About Prinny 1: Can I Really Be the Hero?:

Master Etna demands the ultimate dessert, and it is up to a legion of lowly Prinnies to make it! Jump, slash, and combo your way through different stages of the Netherworld, devastate enemies and bosses with special attacks, and encounter both new and familiar faces in this explosive action adventure from the twisted minds behind the Disgaea series!

About Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!:

When the mysterious Phantom Thief steals Master Etna’s panties, the Prinny horde must rise up once again to retrieve them… or suffer the consequences! Slash and Hip Pound your way through chaotic stages full of devilish foes, and build up the Combo Gauge to unleash powerful moves like Prinny Cyclone and Prinnykaze. Also, dive into the bonus story of the OTHER protagonist(?) of the Disgaea games and claim your glory with Asagi Wars: Vengeance of Asagi!

Source: ANN

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Everything we know about the PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

Sony’s next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 5, is set to launch later this year, but we still haven’t had a full reveal. Here, New Atlas rounds up everything we know and don’t know about the PS5’s hardware, games, controllers, features, and services.

We’ll continue to update this post as new details come to light.

The basics

  • What: Sony’s fifth-generation games console
  • Release date: Quarter 4, 2020
  • Price: Unknown
  • Disc slot: reads UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, 100-GB optical discs for games


  • CPU: 8-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2
  • GPU: AMD Navi RDNA 2
  • Storage: Solid-state drive (SSD)
  • No confirmation on how much space yet
  • RAM: Unknown amount/type

Technical capabilities

Resolution options: HD, Full HD, 4K, 8K

Hardware-accelerated Raytracing
This technique involves tracing the path of light and rendering its interaction with objects in real time. That makes for far more realistic shadows, reflections, and other lighting effects.

Audio raytracing
Applies the same principles to sound. That makes audio acoustics more three-dimensional.

Speed and efficiency
The SSD can be written to and read from almost instantly, which drastically cuts loading times. This should also mean that developers can reduce duplicated assets in-game files (a trick commonly used to cut load times), which should shrink the on-disk size of games and updates.

Selective installs
Rather than waiting for an entire game to install onto the SSD, players can choose which sections they want. So for example, if you’re not playing online multiplayer you can just install the single-player campaign, saving space and letting you jump into the game sooner.

Power-saving rest mode
The PS5 is designed to be very energy-efficient. While in rest mode, the console will only consume about 0.5 W of power, marking a massive drop from the 8.5 W that a PS4 consumes in standby.


Very similar design to the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller, but with a couple of new features such as an improved speaker. Rumor has it there’s a microphone in it as well.

Advanced haptics
An advanced haptic feedback system creates unique tactile feedback for different actions in-game. Developers can precisely program the two motors in the grip to vibrate in various patterns, simulating specific sensations, such as the shock of a car crash or the jolt of a tackle in football. It can reportedly even recreate different terrains and textures – running across a concrete floor feels very different from sloshing through mud.

Adaptive triggers
The L2 and R2 buttons on the top of the controller, which function like triggers, are also programmable now. Game developers can adjust the resistance the triggers have for different actions, so that drawing a bow and arrow, for example, feels very different from firing a gun.


Games confirmed so far for PlayStation 5.

  • The Lord of the Rings: Gollum
  • Godfall
  • Gods and Monsters
  • Outriders
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Quarantine
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
  • Watch Dogs: Legion


Backwards compatibility
The PlayStation 5 is designed to support PS4 games – but it’s still uncertain whether that means through digital versions or if it will play the old discs. The PS4’s virtual reality headset, PSVR, will also be compatible with the PS5.

Streamlined user interface
Individual missions, activities, or multiplayer sessions from within games will be displayed on the PS5’s main menu, letting players jump straight into that activity without having to boot up the game and check what’s happening.

Online services
We know that online multiplayer will return, and so will the digital storefront for buying and downloading games and other content. That said, there’s been no official word on whether specific services such as PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now will return – but they most likely will.

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The Last of Us HBO Series in the Works

Also producing the series will be Carolyn Strauss and Naughty Dog president Evan Wells, along with Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions.

Said Mazin of his collaboration with Druckmann, “Neil Druckmann is without question the finest storyteller working in the video game medium, and The Last of Us is his magnum opus. Getting a chance to adapt this breathtaking work of art has been a dream of mine for years, and I’m so honored to do it in partnership with Neil.”

“From the first time I sat down to talk with Craig I was equally blown away by his approach to narrative and his love and deep understanding of The Last of Us,” said Druckmann in a statement. “With Chernobyl, Craig and HBO created a tense, harrowing, emotional masterpiece. I couldn’t think of better partners to bring the story of The Last of Us to life as a television show.”

Chris Parnell, co-president of Sony Pictures Television Studios, teased that The Last of Us is “the first of many shows” the studio intends to develop with PlayStation Productions, which should excite fans of PlayStation properties such as Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and Uncharted. (The latter is getting a movie, though, so don’t hold your breath.)

This isn’t the first time someone has tried to adapt The Last of Us. Sony previously planned to turn the game into a movie written by Druckmann and produced by Sam Raimi, but creative differences between Druckmann and Sony doomed the film to development hell. Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) was even being considered for the role of Ellie at the time!

Let’s hope this latest attempt at an adaptation actually gets off the ground. No director was named during the announcement, nor do we have a production start date, but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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More Half-Life Games Could Be Coming from Valve

With Half-Life: Alyx out this month, fans are getting the first installment in the series since 2007. But the new VR title from Valve isn’t the Half-Life 2: Episode 3 that fans have been asking for since the studio went quiet on the series more than a decade ago. Alyx is an interquel set between the first Half-Life and Half-Life 2 that tells the story of what the titular hero was up to before Gordon Freeman arrived in City 17. While you may be disappointed that this isn’t exactly Half-Life 3, Valve developers Chris Remo and Robin Walker have told IGN that, hopefully, Alyx will lead to more Half-Life games in the near future.

“Hopefully everyone likes the game, and they want more of it,” Walker said, suggesting that a positive reaction from fans will mean that Valve can make more Half-Life games and sooner than the last one. “I hope we get to build more of it. I hope everyone didn’t hate it and now we have to slink away and spend another 13 years trying to figure out what our next shot at the whole thing is. So yes, I hope you see more from us a lot sooner than last time.”

This isn’t “Half-Life 3 confirmed” in any way, shape, or form but it’s at least a start. While Valve’s output has slowed to a crawl in the last decade, it has made a push to start shipping games again in the last two years, first with the CCG Artifact and now with Alyx as the flagship title for its Valve Index VR headset. If Alyx is a resounding success, it’s possible that the team at Valve will quickly (and happily) jump onto another installment.

“It’s really clear that people at the studio really, really like working in this universe and have really enjoyed making this game. And, like, why wouldn’t you, you know? It makes a lot of sense,” Remo said of the studio’s resurgent enthusiasm for the series. But it’s not like Valve ever completely abandoned the series, at least not behind closed doors. As we’ve learned over the years, several Valve teams have tried to develop new Half-Life games — some getting further along in the development cycle than others — but none have actually seen the light of day until now.

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Kakarot Time Machine update will be released sometime this month

The long-awaited update that adds the ability to travel back in time and complete side quests that players may have skipped during their initial playthrough of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will finally be released sometime this month.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a massive RPG title that sees fans relive the iconic story of DBZ through the eyes of Goku – or Kakarot, as is his original Saiyan name – Gohan and some other Z Warriors as well.

Covering nearly every single event from the day Goku went to introduce his son Gohan to Master Roshi and the gang at Kame House, all the way to dropping the enormous Spirit Bomb on Kid Buu, DBZ: Kakarot takes players on a remarkable journey that’s sure to awaken the all the possible nostalgia feels in fans who grew up watching this legendary anime.

Apart from featuring the main story events and battles, the game is packed with numerous side quests that feature some of the characters who never received an abundance of screen time but have still remained memorable nonetheless. Doing these side quests helps level up your character and can usually net you some valuable items to increase your overall stats even more.

However, because DBZ: Kakarot is a game that’s just buzzing with blazing fast action, skipping some of these side quests for the sake of continuing the main story happens to even the biggest of completionists out there.

So, in order to be able to go back and finish these side missions, players will be able to travel back in time via Trunks’ time machine. Trouble is, the time machine is not available in the game yet and Kakarot fans have been eagerly anticipating its addition with each update, but with zero luck thus far.

Fortunately however, thanks to the game’s official Twitter profile
, we now know that the big update is going to be released this month.

Bandai Namco

Goku unleashing one of his super attacks in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.Nothing beats Scissors Paper Rock: Rock. NOTHING. Except maybe Kamehameha.

While said profile is Japanese, and its tweets are therefore written in the Japanese language – we were still able to get our information by translating the message using Google Translate. The tweet
states that the upcoming “Time Machine” update will be released in March, and that more details about the update will be posted on the game’s official website and Twitter profile.

The exact date of the update is still unknown at this point, but players can at least rest assured now knowing that they will be able to go back in time and complete their entire quest log sometime this month.

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Razer releases its lightest gaming mouse to date

Razer just expanded its line of Viper gaming mice with the Viper Mini, a smaller version of the Viper and Viper Ultimate (the best gaming mouse with the highest DPI) with a shorter length and width grip. It’s also lighter than the other two, and is actually the lightest mouse in Razer’s line-up.

The Viper Mini checks in at just 61 grams and measures 4.6 (L) x 2.97 (W) x 1.49 (H) inches. In comparison, the Viper weighs 69 grams and measures 4.99 x 2.27 x 1.49 inches, while the Viper Ultimate checks in at 74 grams with the same physical dimensions.

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Save 10% on Bombing Quest on Steam

“Getting feedback from enthusiastic gamers was one of the best things to happen to Bombing Quest during the early stages of the development. The game grew, evolving in form and function. However, as a small indie team of two, we’ve got a limited pool of testers – mostly friends and other indie devs – which isn’t really enough to settle things such as the balance and the overall feel.

We believe that the most suitable form of player progression is to have more diverse and challenging opponent mechanics. That way, everyone who plays the game would hopefully develop different opinions for the best equipment depending on their style of play. Enemies and bosses that feel like a walk in the park, for one, turn out to be the other kryptonite and vice versa. To balance those things and make Bombing Quest be able to deliver the best possible experience, we need your feedback. As much of it as possible.

Don’t shy away from sharing your experiences with us :)”

“6 to 14 months”

“In the future, we are mostly going to add/improve the content and lore, fix bugs and optimize the performance.

At the very least:

– We are going to add 1-2 late game biomes.

– Wrap up the main story arc.

– Polish the game.

The best case scenario (These may or may not be implemented, depending on the interest in the game):

– 3-4 more biomes – we already have the environmental concepts, with some of the enemies developed.

– Side story arcs, explaining the lore of the world and completing NPCs’ own stories.

– Additional side quests to the existing zones.

– Additional gear and skills options.”

“All the basic systems for the game are complete with no major bugs that we know of. The main gameplay loop is stable. Bombing Quest currently takes 10-12 hours on average to complete, but if you are very strong Bomberman player you might be able to beat it in half that time.

Things to keep in mind:

– The main story arc is not complete and some of the lore segments are subject to change.

– The game uses custom collision detection, which has some problems running at a low fps – running the game on a PC that’s less powerful than the minimum system requirements. That could result in an unpleasant experience.

Current content:

– 5 large biomes and 2 smaller ones

– 34 Unique enemies (not including different skins)

– 8 bosses,

– 9 quests

– 20+ Gear upgrades”

“Yes – As new content is being added, the price is expected to go up.”

“Feedback is very important to us, so we would like to communicate as much as possible. There is an in-game feature to send us feedback directly. You can also contact us on the Steam forum, Facebook, join our Discord Server or send us an e-mail.”

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Officially Goes Gold

As if fans of Final Fantasy VII Remake weren’t excited enough for the release of the demo, their excitement is sure to grow even more since it has been officially confirmed that the game has gone gold.

The information comes from Japanese website 4Gamer in which it talked with director Tetsuya Nomura about the game’s development and what players can expect once the full game comes out. Specifically, when asked about the development process, Nomura admitted that Final Fantasy VII Remake does need a bit more “last quality improvements,” but has already gone gold. For those who may not be familiar with the term, going gold means that a video game is done with development and is ready for production.

Originally, Final Fantasy VII Remake was supposed to come out in March. However, it was revealed in January that the game would be getting delayed by one month in order to give fans the experience that they truly deserve. Whether that meant adding a few more finishing touches to the product or completely reworking certain parts remained unclear, it ultimately did mean that eager fans would have to be a bit more patient.

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via: 4Gamer

Now that Final Fantasy VII Remake has gone gold, the possibility of a delay is almost non-existent. Fans can pretty much expect to get their hands on the game when it comes out and won’t have to worry about any last-minute pushbacks or announcements saying that the game will take longer to finish.

In the meantime, in order to keep players busy and excited for the full release, a demo has been released for the PS4 version. The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo is a perfect opportunity to get a taste of what the final product has to offer, but more importantly, get to see how much the game has changed and evolved, via first-hand experience. This is sure to resonate with longtime fans of the game because it allows them to really see the difference between the original and the remake.

The first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake will come out exclusively for the PS4 on April 10, 2020.

Source: 4Gamer, Siliconera

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Pokémon GO Gives Raid Alternative To Those Affected By Coronavirus

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Former Lead Combat Designer on God of War Joins inExile Entertainment


One of the most celebrated games of the past generation was without a doubt God of War. Released in 2018 to universal acclaim, it proved that a complete reboot of a franchise can be wildly successful.

It’s fair to say that within God of War, one of the most beloved aspects was the combat which just felt “right” from top to bottom. One of the Senior Combat Designers on God of War was Dean Rymer – who announced that he is now the Lead Combat Designer for inExile Entertainment.

Rymer, whose credits also include PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and a stint at BioWare, posted the news on Twitter last night.


Our Take

The studios under the new Xbox Game Studios suite have certainly been bringing in talent from all across the industry in the past year. While inExile is releasing Wasteland 3 later this year, that project was already well underway when they were acquired by Xbox. However, inExile is reportedly working on a new IP in the vein of a “AAA RPG” which we certainly can’t wait to hear more about.

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Predator: Hunting Grounds To Get A Trial Weekend In March On PS4 And PC

Predator Hunting Grounds

Developer Illfonic is running a trial weekend for its upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer shooter, Predator: Hunting Grounds. The trial kicks off on March 27 and runs through March 29, and will be open to Epic Games Store players and PS Plus members on PlayStation 4. There’s also cross-play support.

The trial will be available to download on March 27 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET / 4 PM GMT. You’ll be able to play solo as the Predator, or team up online with three others as part of a human Fireteam.

Late last year, Illfonic revealed some details about the various Predator classes you’ll be able to play as in Hunting Grounds, including some of the deadly weapons you’ll wield as the galaxy’s premier killing machine. Now, the studio behind 2017’s Friday the 13th has shed some light on what it’s like to play as a gun-toting human.

Clearly, the odds are stacked against you, even if the numbers aren’t. You’re still armed to the teeth with state-of-the-art weapons and gear, but the Predator is a terrifying foe. Fireteam players are given a mission to complete beyond just surviving and must face off against AI opponents as they complete key objectives as well as fend off another player hunting them as the titular monster.

Illfonic promises plenty of suspense when the relentless Predator attacks, aiming to capture the thrill of the hunt that made the original 1987 film such a hit. A key part of the Fireteam experience is deciding how you’re going to make it out of the jungle alive. Do you escape from the Predator or turn the tables and hunt it down, banding together and using your collective firepower to fend if off? Maybe you’ll use the environment and AI enemies to your advantage, or divide and conquer. The tactics and strategy for survival are up to you.

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