Cyberpunk 2077 Was Ready To Release On PC But CDPR Delayed It Due To Current-Gen Consoles

CDPR has shared a new comment on the delay for Cyberpunk 2077. They have blamed current-generation consoles as one of the reasons for its delay.

During a teleconference call after the announcement of the delay, CD Projekt Red’s CEO Adam Kicinski talked about the delay faced by Cyberpunk 2077.

When speaking about the new release date, Adam stated that they are “firm” on this deadline.

“Realizing on November 19 is possible and was possible” but “having these three more weeks gives us a chance to fix this and that.” “The decision was not easy but we know there is just one release and the first impression is crucial” so in the long-run the decision is beneficial. “Better initial reaction to the game always works in favor of more sales. That is why we are delaying, we don’t have to but having this extra time gives us more certainty that everything will be in the game when we release.”

He also listed current-generation versions as one of the reasons for the delay.

“This situation is different” compared to previous changes to the deadline – the game for PC is ready and plays well on next-gen consoles and the company is finalizing the process concerning current gen consoles.

This is the third delay in a year for Cyberpunk 2077. It was first confirmed to launch in April and then pushed to September. After COVID-19 started to impact the development of the game, it was delayed to November and now the final delay has pushed it all the way to December 10.

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Revisiting Team Fortress 2, the most influential multiplayer shooter of the 21st century so far


(Image credit: Future)

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The received wisdom is that Team Fortress 2 has changed, and not for the better. The argument, often made by former players, is that everything Valve has added to the game over the last 13 years—the hats, the achievements, the jars of human piss—has diluted the spirit of what TF2 once was. I’ve fallen into the same trap myself over the years, bemoaning that the game I once loved no longer exists.

It would be absurd to suggest that Team Fortress 2 hasn’t changed; it was arguably the poster child for games-as-a-service design. It’s evident in everything from the menus to the way you start a match. Nevertheless, returning after years away, I’m struck by how much of the core appeal remains. There is more now: more maps, more weapons, more customisation options, more effects. Sometimes there are lasers. Sometimes you’ll be drenched in milk. In a handful of crucial ways, though, this is still the TF2 that became the most influential online shooter of the 21st century so far.

Load into a match and you’ll still get teammates in your home spawn accusing every player of being a Spy. You’ll still get intractable 2Fort stalemates, as players abandon the objective in favour of an endless deathmatch. You’ll still get sniper wars and W+M1 Pyros. Most importantly, you’ll still get the clarity of purpose and personality of its nine classes, who retain their role and at-a-glance design, even as their arsenals and accoutrements have grown over so many updates.

Dustbowl, 2020, blood on canvas. (Image credit: Valve)

The classes are the heart of what made TF2 such an enduring phenomenon, and in retrospect laid the path for the character-led template of the subsequent hero shooter craze. If a medic in Battlefield 2 was more uniform than man, the Medic in Team Fortress 2 was an actual person. We ‘met’ him, and the other mercenaries, through a series of vignettes released over a period of years—each one increasingly elaborate until Team Fortress 2 was a full universe of relationships and conflict; antagonistic administrators and boisterous, technologically advanced Australians.

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Destruction AllStars coming to PlayStation Plus in February – PlayStation.Blog

Hi everyone – we wanted to share a quick update on our plans for Destruction AllStars. We’ve decided to move the game’s release from November 2020 to February 2021, where it will be included for two months in PlayStation Plus at no additional cost. 

Destruction AllStars is a multiplayer game that’s at its best when you’re competing with gamers online from all around the world. We want as many people as possible to experience the mayhem on PS5, and what better way to do that than to provide the game to our PlayStation Plus members?

Next week, we’ll return with a brand-new trailer and more details on the game, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you download it in February.

This may be disappointing news for some of you who were looking to play the game at launch, but we hope you understand the decision. For those of you that have already pre-ordered the game, be it via PlayStation Store,, or at retail, your purchase will be refunded.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to seeing you in the arena in February!

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There’s a bug in FIFA 21 making players bounce into the air

There’s a bug in FIFA 21 making players jump, but not in a normal athletic leap-in-the-air kind of way. Instead it sends them straight up like a character in a platformer, sometimes flying high into the air. As a commenter on Reddit put it, “I’m playing FIFA and this guy is playing Space Jam.”

In his review, Dave Meikleham called FIFA’s physics “really stupid”, saying that, “PES has long held an advantage when it comes to believable ball movement, and the gap between the two soccer rivals hasn’t closed in 2020. Whereas the football in Konami’s series behaves like its own entertaining entity, the ball in FIFA 21 is just… well, flat. Predictable and prone to travelling in identical fashion no matter how hard you hit it, it frequently looks fake in motion.”

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Cyberpunk 2077 In-Game World Map Seen In Concept Art, New Screenshot Shared

Cyberpunk 2077 has a world map that is already seen through the art book, but this is the first in-game look at it with concept art.

Cyberpunk 2077 is set in Night City, which is a futuristic city divided into various districts. There are also other areas to explore aside from Night City with Badlands that are situated out of the city itself. All of this was seen in the most recent gameplay trailer that showcased the various vehicles that can be driven in the game.

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As the game is getting closer to release, we are slowly getting more information about here. We have now our first look at how the Night City and its surroundings will look like with early concept art from the game that was shared on reddit. Another concept art gives a broader view of Pacifica, which is a district in Cyberpunk 2077 that is overrun by gangs and violence.

cyberpunk 2077 world map

While there are no confirmed cases of review copies going out to influencers and the press, a popular Polish YouTuber had shared a never-before-seen screenshot from the game on his Instagram account. This could mean that he is currently playing the game and review copies are being sent to the press, but this is speculation at this point since there is no confirmation.

cyberpunk 2077 new screen

The game will be officially out on November 19. Currently, we have no information on a potential Cyberpunk 2077 review embargo, but knowing that this will be a massive RPG, the review copies should be given earlier than the release date with an embargo that could be lifted early as well.

The game is confirmed to launch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It will also support the PS5 and Xbox Series X with a free upgrade planned for next year.

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Demon’s Souls Has Already Gone Gold, Details on Cut Content and More

Demon’s Souls Remake is a launch game for the PS5 and we now have some new information for this upcoming remake courtesy of a popular modder.

Lance Mcdonald is well-known in the Souls community for his work on modding the console version of the Souls series. More recently, he showcased a WIP version of the 60 FPS patch for Bloodborne which he might release if there is no official support for the game released by Sony.

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He has recently revealed some details on the Demon’s Souls Remake that he has heard from his sources. Knowing his track record, it is highly unlikely that he is just spreading fake information here but we can never be sure of something until it is officially confirmed.

demon's souls remake cut content

Here is some of the information that Lance Mcdonald has shared on his Twitter account.

  • Fractured Mode is still present in the game.
  • The music from the game that was leaked is not the same as the player will hear in Nexus.
  • The first gameplay trailer was running a debug mode with one hit kill, and then later switch to normal mode after going through the fog gate with a boss fight.
  • Demon’s Souls Remake uses the same file structure of the original game, with enemies and objects even having (nearly) exactly the same folder and filenames as in the original.
  • The game went gold on September 24.
  • There is no 6th Archstone.

As we reported earlier, Sony has started to send out PS5 consoles to the press/influencers for review/preview and Demon’s Souls along with other PS5 launch exclusives have been uploaded to the official Sony servers as well.

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Demon’s Souls Remake will be out on November 12, 2020, exclusively for the PS5. It is developed by Bluepoint Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.


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Short gaming survey

A short survey about gaming 🙂

How old were you when you started playing video games?

On what platform do you play video games?

On average, how many hours do you play video games in 1 week?

On average how many hours do you spend on YouTube/ Twitch in 1 week?

In the past have you ever used a video game boosting service?

Verzend nooit wachtwoorden via Google Formulieren.

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Spiderman 3 2021 Kraven the Hunter

It looks like the Marvel Universe is really about to be blown wide open with Spiderman 3 2021 Kraven the Hunter. I’m sure most people know by now that Spiderman 3 title is looking to be a huge multi-verse movie with the possibility of it starting the Spider-verse or at least sets it up.

Spiderman 3 2021 Kraven the Hunter

Doctor Strange is confirmed to be in Spiderman 3, and so is Jamie Foxx’s Electro from The Amazing Spiderman 2. We also have multiple reports stating that Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman and Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman will be in the film. But filming for 3 Spiderman is supposed to have started on October 15th, 2020.

We should be finding out a lot more about the film very soon. It seems like we may have already discovered what the title is. If this is an accurate title as somebody from a pretty big website is claiming that it is, it does, in fact, describe a multi-verse. Let’s talk about the title and what it means.

The reveal of the title is coming from the Twitter account Yo Boy Ant-man. This person’s name is Frankie, and he is a writer for Discussing Film. It is a pretty big website that has been correct about a lot of the reports in the past, and this person tweeted “Spider-man Homeworlds,” referring to Spiderman 3 title; remember where you heard it first.

According to this writer from DiscussingFilms, the name of film Spiderman 3 title is going to be “Spider-man Homeworlds.” Now, based on everything we have heard so far about Spiderman 3, this is the perfect title if it is genuinely going to involve the multi-verse and the multiple different Spiderman in the film, each coming from their own home universe.

This title fits with what is going to happen in the movie correctly. Of course, you have to take it with a grain of salt; it may not be the official title, although it does sound legitimate. But apparently, we will not have to wait much longer for Tom Holland to reveal the official title.

Jimmy Kimmel has been teasing Spiderman 3 title. He even tweeted a joke that he is going to play the part of Craven: The Hunter, seemingly confirming that Craven is going to be one of the bad guys. However, it is speculated that Jimmy Kimmel will have a guest on his show, such as Tom Holland soon, who will reveal the official Spiderman 3 title, and all of this lines up very well together.

Filming is starting, which means the title is bound to get out very soon, and apparently, it already has since this writer for Discussing Films has already heard it.

What better way to start a title before it gets out than to go on a big tv show and announce it to the world? This Twitter account is also claiming that it is going to be announced on Jimmy Kimmel, so we just have to hold back and see over the next few days.

But suppose Spiderman Home world is the official Spiderman 3 title. In that case, it does seem like that indeed confirms the multi-verse and the appearance of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield reprising their roles. Who knows, even Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen might show up.  Spider man games include in next generation console

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HDMI 2.1 News for Next-Gen Console Buyers

As many PC gamers can attest, frame rates above 60 fps lead to a smoother game experience and provide a competitive edge in multiplayer. If you are interested in having games run the best they can or want every advantage in Call of Duty you can get, HDMI 2.1 news is the best for you. But what do you need actually to get the HDMI 2.1 running? For starters, you will need an HDMI 2.1 cable. Presumably, PS5 and Xbox Series X will come with one in the box.

HDMI 2.1 48 Gbps

But on the off chance they don’t, and you need to buy one, then look for phrases like ‘Ultra High Speed,’ ‘HDMI 2.1’ and ’48 Gbps’. Always check the specifications on the product page and look at the reviews to make sure the cable is not cheaply made.

The major thing you need to worry about when it comes to your money though is having a TV that supports in 4K at 120 fps. It is the HDMI 2.1 news that gamers don’t really know about. Being a newer technology, you will only find it in the latest models, and even then, not all of them will support it.

So make sure to go through the specs on the product page as well as reviews. If you plan to own both next-generation consoles or plug in your PC or laptop, it won’t be enjoyable. It is worth noting that most TVs with HDMI 2.1 only have it in one port, meaning you will frequently need to swap around system cables.

The only TV we are aware of at this point that has HDMI 2.1 in all of its ports is the new LG Oled CX series. It is also the only gaming TV in the market that is not ridiculously priced. If HDMI 2.1 doesn’t sound like something you have to have, you can always wait until the technology becomes more widespread and less expensive.

The reality is that most games that are not multiplayer experiences are not going to support 120 fps for a while, and the ones that do might not even be at 4K resolution opting instead for 1440p and even 1080p.

The improvements to colors and the VRR offered with HDMI 2.1 are still major advancements that more next-gen games will take advantage of. But how worthwhile these improvements are is all dependent on how you feel about your current TV.

This is the news that you need to know if you have been waiting to get a whole new setup for your next-gen gaming experience.

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Poker Quest on Steam

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you
should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

“We are choosing Early Access mostly because the artwork, visual effects, and sound isn’t finished yet (lots of it is still sketchwork!). Also, we would like to work out any bugs we can find. Until we finish these things, you can expect the game to be deep, interesting, and balanced, but it will not have the level of visual polish you would expect from a completed game.”

“Less than one year. However long it takes for us to get all the artwork in so that there is no more sketch art, and for the game to be relatively bug-free.”

“We plan to finish the art, effects, and sounds, but while we are doing that we will continue to update the game with more heroes, items, monsters, and greater depth and balance. The full version will at least be different in these respects, and possibly more.”

“The gameplay is currently very robust and balanced. It is fully playable and enjoyable. See the “About This Game” section for a full list of features!”

“We plan to gradually raise the price as the game gets more features and polish.”

“This game is directed by its players more than it is directed by us. Chat with us on Discord about any changes you would like to see:”

Read more

About This Game

Poker Quest is a fantasy game where you use a standard deck of playing cards (like the “Queen of Spades”) to empower your items in combat. Bigger and better hands can trigger stronger abilities on your items.

Discover thousands of different items and hundreds of monsters. March forward through a huge variety of locations and events in a procedurally generated, high-fantasy world.

Choose one of many heroes. Each hero comes with a unique set of equipment and abilities, to encourage many different play styles.


  • A deep and interesting world full of Castles, Knights, Wizards, and Dragons. And Poker cards.
  • Choose whether to play with or without permanent upgrades. (Some would call it roguelite vs. roguelike modes)
  • 12 unique heroes, and many more to come.
  • Daily Runs with public stats and other interesting details.
  • Challenge runs with game-changing modifiers.
  • Mini-games. Casinos!
  • Thousands of unique items.
  • Hundreds of unique monsters.

Poker Quest feels a lot like a deck-builder, but is fundamentally very different. The world map takes inspiration from Slay the Spire, with the intent of providing a great variety of events. The combat is inspired by Dicey Dungeons, but instead of dice, we use playing cards. That is where the similarities to other games end. Poker Quest contains a vast, novel set of game mechanics that centrally focus on the properties of the playing cards.

Some of the knowledge that you may have gained from other card games will naturally carry over to Poker Quest. Additionally, Poker Quest is a game that you can play to hone your skills at determining card probabilities, but while playing a fantasy RPG. With enough practice on the hardest difficulties, the answers to questions like “What are the chances they have a Spade in those two cards?” can become second nature to you. Or you can play on Casual mode and not worry too much about these things.

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