Delisted Xbox 360 Games Reappear On Microsoft Store, Brutal Legend, Silent Hill, and More

Delisted games like Brutal Legend that were taken down from Microsoft Store are now starting to appear again on the Digital Store. Many cult classics can be purchased again.

Brutal Legend was developed by Tim Schafer. It featured Jack Black in a lead role and used heavy metal as a source of inspiration for its gameplay. The game didn’t manage to garner much success and it was taken down from Xbox Live Store due to licensing issues.

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For some reason, Brutal Legend and other delisted games are now available to play again through the Microsoft Store, and you can also purchase them.

brutal legend delisted

Here’s a list of games that are currently available to purchase from the Microsoft Store even though they were delisted in the past.

  • Axel & Pixel
  • Babel Rising
  • Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
  • Brutal Legend
  • Burnout Paradise
  • Deadly Premonition
  • Dirt 3
  • Fuel
  • Grid 2
  • Jurassic Park: The Game
  • Midnight Club: Los Angeles
  • Motocross Madness
  • Overlord
  • Pure
  • Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X
  • Silent Hill: Downpour

Another change that has been observed is that Microsoft Store now allows purchasing these backward compatible games without a credit card. You can apparently use the Microsoft Store credit to purchase them without the need to attach a credit card or other forms of payment method like PayPal.

Some of the games that were taken down from the store were mostly due to licensing issues. Others like Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X were removed because the servers were taken down for these games. This could be a mistake for now but there is no official clarification on why this is happening.

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In the past, even redeeming a backward-compatible game would require a credit card or PayPal tied to the user account, but this restriction is apparently lifted for now. This could be a way for Microsoft to simplify their digital store before the launch of the Xbox Series X.

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‘We’re More Interested in M&A Than Ever’

EA is one of the big game publishers reportedly in the run to acquire Warner Bros. Games and Entertainment, alongside Microsoft, Activision Blizzard and Take-Two Interactive.

During yesterday’s Q1 2021 earnings call, an analyst prompted EA CFO Blake Jorgensen to comment on the rumor. While Jorgensen didn’t go into specifics for obvious reasons, he seemed bullish on the company’s general prospects for merge and acquisition (M&A).

Anthem 2.0 Devs Detail How They’re Making Shooting and Looting More Satisfying

[…] what I would say there is it is very rare that we don’t get a chance to look at anything that’s up for sale. I mean you can imagine people call us and say we’re thinking about selling a business or we’re thinking about selling ourselves. I mean we are a place that a lot of people want to come as a long-term home if they decide to sell the business. So we get to look at almost everything. I can’t comment on any specific acquisition other than what I will tell you as we said you’ve seen in the past where we’ve done the best is where we have long-term relationships with people. And we’re really trying to buy great talent versus games. And I think Respawn is a classic example of that we were able to bring them into the fold, give them incredible support and it was all driven by the fact that they had incredible talent.

It wasn’t about Titanfall and that’s no offense to Titanfall, it’s an amazing game and we’ll maybe see a Titanfall at some point sometime down the road, but it was really about the team and it starts at the top with Vince but it goes all the way through the whole organization. So we’re always looking at that, we’ll always continue to look at that. We would hope we can find more. Our hope was is that some of the challenges in our broad world economy would actually make people think and understand that being sub-scale is difficult, but at the same time as you’ve seen from our results, I think everybody’s going to do well in the next couple of quarters in our industry. It might take some time but trust that we are more interested than ever because we see talent and building great new franchises is critical to the long-term growth for the business.

Transcript credits to Seeking Alpha

EA acquired Respawn Entertainment for up to $455 million back in November 2017. This acquisition would be much more expensive, with WB Games and Entertainment valued around $4 billion.

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Behavioral Systems: August 2020 Update

Hello everyone! We’re back with another monthly update on our progress toward improving League’s behavioral systems. As usual, we would like to give you some insight into what the team has been working on this month and what you should see rolling out across the next few patches.

In ourJuly update we called out a few specific areas around disruptive behavior that we would be focusing on: Intent to lose actions and leaving or going idle in game.

These include:

  • Intentionally feeding opponents
  • Sabotage through disruptive gameplay actions (aka “griefing”)
  • Intentionally leaving the game
  • Going idle in game
  • Game disconnects

Our goals are to:

  • Reduce occurrences of the above behaviors in all queues
  • Mitigate the impact to players when they experience disruptive behaviors in their games

Intentional Feeding and Idle/AFK Detection

After 100s of depressing manual VOD reviews and verification exercises, we think we’re in a good enough place to start getting improvements to how we detect intentional feeding and idle/AFK behaviors out for testing. These changes will allow us to:

  • Identify these behaviors at DOUBLE THE RATE we are currently
  • Take action against those negative behaviors more consistently
  • Let players know when we’ve caught negative behaviors in their games and work towards alleviating that pain

Our first detection improvements are already live in 10.15, but we’ll continue to push new iterations across the next couple of patches. We’re working towards a world where we detect these behaviors as they occur, mitigate them for affected players during those games, and take action against the offenders immediately after the game.

Idle and AFK Actions

If we’re detecting disruptive behavior more often, how are we actioning against it? In order to reduce the overall footprint of idle and AFK behavior in League, we’ve outlined a few options that tackle the goals of:

  • Preventing this behavior from occurring again.
  • Deterring this behavior from occurring in the first place.
  • Mitigating the impact of this behavior when it does occur.

We’re looking to dig more into the following solutions to address AFKs in the short-term:

  • Early surrender options when we identify an AFK early in your game
  • LP mitigation for those in ranked games that have an AFK or intent to lose behaviors on their team during a loss
  • Stricter Queue lockouts for those that disconnect / AFK
  • Pre-queue warnings for those that have disrupted games previously

We’re looking for feedback from players on these implementations, so we’ll be doing them in the same live experimentation fashion as we did with Champ Select Reporting. We don’t have a hard date for delivery just yet, but we should have at least one experiment live in the next month.

Speaking of Champ Select Reporting…

Champ Select Reporting

Two patches ago we launched Champion Select Reporting and Muting features. We’ve been able to gather significant data around disruptive behaviors in Champion Select and have seen success in giving players a pre-emptive way of avoiding verbal abuse in Champion Select and in game. Rather than turn these features off after the two-patch experiment as originally planned, we’ll leave them on going forward.

The two biggest trends we saw in reports were players whose champs were banned by their own teammates and reports of negative chat. Though we know these aren’t all the issues, it’s enough for us to start developing improvements based on our experiment’s results.

We’re committed to shipping the following to further develop the Champion Select experience:

  • Ban confirmation and detection: We understand that there’s strategic value and personal preference for certain bans, and we want to maintain your ability to pick which champ you don’t want to play against. Based on report data, though, we want to make it clearer when your ban choice overlaps with what a teammate wants to play. We’ll be implementing better automated detection to double-check that you actually want to ban a champion that your teammate is currently hovering.
  • Penalty System Integration: Though we can’t confidently act on behaviors directly in Champion Select just yet, we are looking to find and implement the best post-game actions we can to common issues, similar to End of Game reporting.
With each experiment we run, your feedback and experience with these new features helps guide the direction of League’s behavioral systems. Thanks for sticking with us as we work to make playing League a better experience.

As always, see you on the Rift.

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Hyper Scape aims to reduce TTK by buffing weapons and nerfing abilities in Patch 0.5

Ubisoft’s latest FPS Battle Royale title ‘Hyper Scape’ has been on PC open beta for a while now. But finally, Ubisoft has now confirmed that Hyper Scape season 1 kicks off on August 11th, and it is coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

But before the full release, Ubisoft will be changing some core features of the game. After receiving player feedback from the Open beta, the devs will be releasing Patch 0.5, where they will address one of the most concerning detail in the game that is the ‘time-to-kill’. Hyper Scape’s TTK is very high compared to other titles like Call of Duty: Warzone, and with the addition of hacks sometimes it can be very frustrating to completely finish a kill.

We believe the core of the issue was indeed that weapons were not dealing enough damage, but also that the shooting windows of opportunity were rendered too short by the very strong presence of mobility or defensive Hacks. So, we have focused our changes on making the weapons more powerful, while preventing the Hacks from being used constantly to escape or eliminate opponents,” stated Ubisoft in their patch notes.

Weapon Changes

  • Ripper: Damage increased to 13/13/13/13/15, up from 11/11/11/11/13.
  • Riot One: Damage increased to 29/31/33/35/39, up from 26/29/31/34/38.
  • Mammoth: Damage increased per pellet to 6/6/6/6/7, up from 5/5/5/5/7. The post-shoot animation has been improved to increase weapon reactivity.
  • Protocol V: Damage decreased to 50/54/58/62/67, down from 50/58/65/73/80.
  • Hexfire: Damage increased to 4/4/4/4/5, up from 3/3/3/3/4, rate of fire decreased to 900 RPM, down from 1000.
  • Skybreaker: Damage increased to 50/54/58/62/67, up from 40/46/52/58/64, physical pushback decreased by 100%,  Skybreaker now does High Environment Damages.
  • Salvo: Damage decreased to 20/20/20/20/24, down from 27/27/27/27/34, increased explosion AoE to 4R, up from 3R, decreased Physical Pushback by 100%
  • Komodo: Damage increased to 29/29/29/29/34, up from 25/25/25/25/30, explosion AoE increased to 2.5R, up from 1.5R, Physical Pushback decreased by 100%, now deals progressively less damage under 15m range.

Hack Changes

  • Mine: Cooldown increased to 16/15/14/13/11, up from 12/11/10/9/7s, damage decreased to 30/30/30/30/45, down from 50/50/50/50/75, projectile chase time decreased to 8s, down from 15s, projectile HP decreased to 60, down from 75, detection radius decreased to 12R, down from 15R, deploy duration decreased to 30s seconds, down from 60s, trigger timer increased to 1s, up from 0.5s.
  • Wall: Duration decreased to 9 seconds, down from 25s, total deployed Wall limit decreased to 2, down from 5.
  • Ball: Cooldown increased to 14/13/12/11/9s, up from 12/11/10/9/7s, duration decreased to 60s, down from 180s.
  • Armor: Cooldown increased to 16/15/14/13/11, up from 14/13/12/11/9s.
  • Slam: Cooldown increased to 14/13/12/11/9s, up from 12/11/10/9/7s, damage decreased to 20/20/20/20/30, down from 30/30/30/30/45.
  • Invisibility: Cooldown increased to 16/15/14/13/11, up from 12/11/10/9/7s, duration decreased to 5s, down from 8s.
  • Heal: Cooldown increased to 14/13/12/11/9s, up from 10/9/9/7/5s, duration to 9s, down from 15s.
  • Shockwave: Damage decreased to 10/10/10/10/15, down from 20/20/20/20/30, cooldown increased to 14/13/12/11/9s, up from 10/9/9/7/5s.
  • Teleport: Cooldown increased to 14/13/12/11/9s, up from 12/11/10/9/7s.

The patch also includes nerfs to the Sector Decay Damage Showdown Multiplier (decreased to x3 from x7) and some server stability improvements.

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These two PS5 features will blow gamers away, says video game director

Two of the most hyped PS5 features so far are the new DualSense controller and 3D audio, both designed to make gamers feel more immersed. Unfortunately, we can’t get a good grasp of how effective these features are without trying them out firsthand. 

Until that day arrives, we’ll need to trust Kenji Kimura, the director of Ghostwire: Tokyo Kenji Kimura at Tango: Gameworks, who told IGN that the new DualSense controller will blow gamers away when they first use it.

  • PS5: Specs, price, release date and how it compares to gaming laptops
  • Xbox Series X: specs, price and how it compares to gaming laptops
  • Xbox Series X vs. PS5: Which console is right for you?

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Xbox Series X Newsletter Sign-Up

Meet the new Xbox Wireless Controller.

Experience the modernised design of the Xbox Wireless Controller, featuring sculpted surfaces and refined geometry for enhanced comfort during gameplay. Stay on target with textured grip and a hybrid D-pad, seamlessly capture and share content, and quickly pair with, play on, and switch between supported consoles, PCs, and mobile devices.*

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Moon for Switch launches August 27 in the west


Moon will launch for Switch via the Nintendo eShop on August 27 in the west, developer Onion Games announced.

The Switch version of Moon first launched via the Nintendo eShop in October 2019 in Japan. A physical edition is due out on October 15. Moon originally launched for PlayStation in October 1997.

Here is an overview of the game, via Onion Games:

In 1997, the now legendary anti-RPG Moon launched in Japan. Now, revived by a team of its original creators, find out why it became an instant cult-classic, as Moon comes to the Nintendo Switch—in English, for the first time ever!

What’s an Anti-RPG?

Have you ever played an RPG and wondered…

  • “Why is it OK that this hero is breaking into houses and stealing items from people’s drawers?”
  • “Why is it OK that this hero is killing thousands of innocent monsters?”

Moon is a game about turning those tropes upside down, and seeing what really happens behind the scenes of your favorite RPG video games.


One night, under the silvery light of a full moon, a young boy is suddenly sucked through his TV and into a videogame—a classic JRPG called “Moon World.” Following closely behind the game’s brave hero, the boy begins his own journey to recover the world’s missing moonlight by collecting “Love.”

As Moon World’s hero loots and levels up by cutting down monsters for experience points—you know, as heroes do—the boy releases their souls and collects their “Love.” Moon is not a game where you fight to level up—your own progress comes by gathering lost “Love”!

As you explore the world, you’ll meet a crazy cast of weird and wonderful NPCs. Observe their strange habits and daily routines by visiting them at different times and days of the week, and learn their secrets to uncover even more lost “Love”!

“Now, please, open the door!”

Key Features

  • Conquer a game with a clear conscience in this anti-RPG! Save the monsters’ souls!
  • Follow the real-time daily lives of Moon World’s NPCs, day and night, all week long!
  • Collect dozens of “MoonDiscs” containing original songs, and choose your own favorite background music!

Watch a new trailer below.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator to Launch on Steam on August 18; TrackIR and VR Supported

In addition to availability on Windows 10 and Xbox Game Pass for PC (Xbox Game Pass for PC is currently in Beta), Microsoft Flight Simulator will also be coming to Steam on August 18. We are thrilled to announce that Steam pre-orders for the Standard, Deluxe, and Premium Deluxe editions of Microsoft Flight Simulator start today!

Listening to the community has been a priority for the development team since the announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator in June 2019. Two of the most requested features we’ve been hearing about from the Community are TrackIR and VR support. Today we are excited to announce that Microsoft Flight Simulator will have TrackIR support available on day one, and VR support will be available later this year in time for the launch of the HP Reverb G2!


TrackIR is the premier head tracking solution delivering full six degree of freedom (6DOF) camera control for an ultra-immersive simulator experience. TrackIR allows simmers to enjoy a low latency mouse free look around with Microsoft Flight Simulator in full 4K/HDR, while still allowing easy interaction with a suite of hardware peripherals.

HP Reverb G2

Created by HP in collaboration with Microsoft and Valve, the upcoming Reverb G2 headset has a bright, high resolution display, excellent tracking, and immersive audio to take maximum advantage of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s incredible visuals and fully 3D soundscape. The HP Reverb G2 will be available later this fall and the VR update will be a free update for all Microsoft Flight Simulator players.

In addition to Track IR and VR, we also continue to work with partners like Honeycomb Aeronautical, Logitech G, Thrustmaster, Virtual Fly and many other manufacturers to further improve your Microsoft Flight Simulator experience. We are excited to support Honeycomb’s upcoming Bravo Throttle Quadrant and Thrustmaster’s new TCA Sidestick and Quadrant Airbus edition peripherals. We are also committed to supporting existing peripherals and home cockpits via an updated SimConnect.

Xbox Game Studios and Asobo Studio are committed to the community, and the ongoing support of Microsoft Flight Simulator with experience enhancing features like those we’ve announced today. But we have even more planned post-launch! In the future, we will update our development roadmap with continued simulator updates such as themed DLC bundles, free world updates and more. We will be sharing more news in the coming months.

Free World Updates

Microsoft Flight Simulator heralds a new era of data-driven flight simulation. One of the exciting implications of this is that the data that makes up the world is always improving, and players can look forward to a simulator that evolves over time. Thanks to our partnership with Bing, players will enjoy new, even better terrain, and an ever evolving, machine learning-fueled simulator that grows over time.

We have so much ahead for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but even on day one simmers will get highly detailed aircraft, a new checklist system, live air traffic, dynamic weather, new aerodynamic modeling, as well as all the many other features we shared in our launch date announcement, all within a beautifully crafted and rendered world. Whether you are new to flight simulation or an aviation pro, the sky is calling in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Early Prototype Wiimote, Wii Startup Disc Code Gigaleak, Unreleased Games, & Nintendo Office Floor Plan

The leaks just do not stop coming. With the sheer amount of Nintendo source code, games, and information being leaked online over the past few days, we decided to do some sleuthing to see if we could track down the original leaker(s) who set this whole Nintendo leak extravaganza in motion. What we found appears to be much greater than that – while searching for the originator of the leaks, we inadvertently stumbled upon freshly leaked info as it was unfolding.

We found a group of users who had just recently posted photos of what appear to be an early prototype Wiimote, along with the entire Wii startup disc code, unreleased Wii games, and much more. In this article, we will explain exactly how we stumbled upon all of this info and what other leaks appear to be coming in the future.

As previously mentioned, we originally started out in search of finding the source who first leaked these files onto 4chan. Since 4chan is primarily intended to be “anonymous”, that made this a fairly difficult task. We had originally speculated that all of the leaks might in some way be connected with Ryan Hernandez, aka RyanRocks462 – the guy who was arrested and pleaded guilty to federal crimes related to his computer hacking scheme.

In Wired’s coverage of the original story from back on February 25, 2020, they explain that according to court documents, Hernandez signed up for a Nintendo Developer account which granted him access to proprietary information after accepting a nondisclosure agreement. Wired then goes on to say that this information then began appearing on a Twitter account linked to Hernandez, and when asked by Nintendo to stop via a cease and desist, Hernandez then went a step further.

Wired states that Ryan Hernandez asked for technical assistance on the Nintendo developer portal, which included him sharing a malicious link, which when clicked on by the Nintendo employee, allowed Hernandez to hijack the employee’s credentials and upload malware onto the portal (getting even more credentials). Wired then goes on to say that Hernandez worked his way into several privileged servers and continued his leaking spree, even after promising the FBI that he would stop.

Hernandez became the hot-spot for his own Nintendo leaks and those of other leakers as well. “Basically if you needed anything to leak and did not want to be associated with the leak, you gave it to Ryan,” said Gary.

Allegedly, legend says that Ryan Hernandez even went to E3 2016 and tried to steal the Breath of the Wild demo from the Wii U kiosks over the network.

So clearly, Ryan Hernandez was a prominent figure in the Nintendo leaking community at the time, with his now deleted twitter account RyanRocks462 and seemingly removed Discord server “Ryan’s Underground Hangout” both being a hot spot for Nintendo leaks. With this in mind, we began searching online for any profiles we could find which were still available and tied to Hernandez.

Through our sleuthing, we found this Github account which appeared to be Ryan’s. We combed through the Github account’s repositories and its followers. At the time, nothing exactly jumped out at us, but it was this list of followers that later helped us piece things together just a bit more.

We later took to Twitter to do some more research and see if we could narrow down our search. We were able to track down a user who had tweeted that they knew Ryan, claiming to be an acquaintance of him. In this Twitter user’s profile, we found that they had recently tweeted to a user named “ecumber”. After looking through ecumber’s recent tweets, we stumbled upon a tweet that they had made regarding the leaks. And in the replies of their “L is real” tweet, they gave us a clue of where to search next.

After a quick google search, we found the website. From here, we located the associated Discord server. After joining, we were able to quickly gather information using Discord search. In this Discord server, we found some of the very same usernames for members that were listed in the followers section of RyanRock’s Github. Further searching led to evidence that a few of the members not only knew of RyanRocks, but also used to be friendly with him (before news surfaced of his nefarious acts regarding children). To be clear, we are not saying that this is irrefutable evidence that all of the original leaks trail back to RyanRocks, but the connection was important to note.

We will not be sharing links to any of the files mentioned in this article for obvious reasons.

We found an entire Google doc which has effectively cataloged every single bit of information found so far in the first rounds of leaks from July 24 – 25, 2020. This doc is updated often and is quite thorough. At the bottom of the doc, there is what appears to be an…interesting Argonaut Games (the company who made Croc) internal email from 1994. The email is pretty explicit, with the first line reading “Wow, some justification for distributing porn around the office.” The email then goes on to list some very intense stuff – it appears to be a pretty angry email exchange.

The doc also has a link to a Pastebin which contains code for a tool to decode internal Nintendo emails – this is pretty heavy stuff.

One of the most interesting pieces of info that we uncovered was this chain of messages that ranged from May 2, 2020 – July 9, 2020. Messages were sent regarding the “leak” back in May, and then on July 9th (over 2 weeks before the leak was released to the public on 4chan), a user posted about the Pokemon Generation 1-4 leaks, The iQue and Wii leaks, 3DS leaks, etc. They even claimed “we didn’t start the fire” – very interested how they knew about all of this well before it was released to the public.

What’s even more interesting is that the account that posted this message is one of the followers on RyanRock’s Github account we mentioned earlier. Below this post, you can even see a post about what is believed to be the naughty video that was found in the leaked files.

We then found photos of what appear to be prototype Wii remotes, a strange early Wii system console, the Wii startup Disc code, and the following:

It looks like an internal spreadsheet containing a list of unreleased Wii games has been uncovered. Also, it appears that even more dirty videos have been found – this time allegedly being linked to Nintendo employees.

Additionally, it appears that a floor plan of a Nintendo office has been found and 2 separate versions of the Wii startup disc are known to exist and have been leaked.

Along with the information and files that have already been leaked, from what we can tell, it seems like there is quite a bit more on the way soon. Members of the community had stated that they are sitting on heavy information, waiting for the proper moment to leak it, with one user stating that the leak would make the community “blow up”. At this point, we do not feel confident making any definitive claims as to who the exact leaker(s) is/are, but one thing seems clear – the leaks aren’t over yet.

The community continues to sift through files, uncovering hidden secrets about Nintendo and its properties that we never knew existed. While some members of the community may be running the fine line of legality, their dedication and ingenuity are quite impressive. Who knows what further information will surface in the coming days?

We will continue to update this article live as more information becomes available.

We do not recommend downloading any of the leaked files. Openly reading about them, researching, and discussing them are one thing, but downloading them and having them on your machine are another. Furthermore, you have no idea if the people who are reuploading these leaked files have added viruses or malware – in general, it’s best to just not do it.

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Star Citizen dev responds to fans still waiting for new Squadron 42 roadmap •

Lays out four-stage roadmap to get to new roadmap.

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has responded to fans left waiting on a new development roadmap for the long-awaited single-player portion Squadron 42.

Unfortunately, months after admitting the game’s previous roadmap no longer matched reality, yesterday’s post amounted to a new, vague roadmap to get to the actual new roadmap instead.

As spotted by Kotaku, CIG’s four-part plan for a new plan goes as follows:

  1. Give an explanation of the goals of our new Roadmap and what to expect from it
  2. Show a rough mockup of the proposed new Roadmap
  3. Share a work in progress version of the Roadmap for at least one of our core teams
  4. And then finally transition to this new Roadmap

“The new Roadmap is something we hinted at in March but because that is still very much in development, we can’t share as much about it as I would like,” CIG staff member Zyloh wrote.

“Believe me when I say I’m personally very eager to release it to you. We took the time to explore options for how we could better represent our progress, and I believe we are getting close to landing in a pretty great spot.”

The original Star Citizen was announced in 2012 and has since raised more than $300m in crowdfunding money from fans waiting for it to fully release. In the past six months, it has raked in $50m alone.

Last August, CIG delayed Squadron 42’s beta – then set for the second quarter of 2020 – to the third quarter of 2020, meaning fans are expecting it any day now.

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